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                    Body Piercing   



    We have a Professional Body Piercer on staff Monday-Wednesday and Friday and Saturday.  We offer several different piercings** and prices vary. 

    • Navel
    • Tongue
    • Eyebrow 
    • Ear (Lobe, Tragus, Industrial, and Cartilage)
    • Septum
    • Lip
    • Labret
    • Monroe
    • Nostril 
    • Nipples
    • A variety of genital piercing 

    Please call us for prices. (502) 995-5635

    If you have any questions, you can contact Gretchen at


     Our initial piercing prices includes your Piercing Jewelry (Surgical Grade SS 316L), your Aftercare Solution, Aftercare Guidelines, and any Questions or Concerns for the life of your piercing.

     **(Please note that not all piercing locations are suitible for everyone... anatomy plays a big part in location and placement.  A consultation can quickly and easily be done to determine whether or not you are a candidate for your desire location.  Come in today and we'll gladly assist.)

    Must be 18 with a State Issued ID or Driver's License.  

    We DO NOT accept parental consent.




    • We offer an assortment of Body Jewelry in the shop for purchase.  Come in and see our excellent quality jewelry and great prices!

    • If you purchase a beautiful new piece of Body Jewelry from Tattoo Charlie's PRP, we will gladly install it for you for FREE!

    • If you are considering retiring a piercing, we can help with that as well.  It isn't always as easy as just taking your jewelry out and letting your piercing "close up."